Smart! Car! Hearse!

So, you want to buy a hearse? There's a couple of things to be aware of ....

#1 - Learn to spell. It's "hearse", not "hurst" or "hearst". Getting it wrong will lead to lots of people thinking you're an idiot

#2 - There's an old saying in software development that, depending on how you hear it, goes something like "Fast, good or cheap. Pick two.". It's known as the Project Management Triangle, and with potential pro-car ownership this effectively changes to "Location, price, quality. Pick two". Epxerienced owners know, and new owners are about to find out, that finding a low cost, well maintained coach anywhere near your location is a lot like being handed a gold-plated lottery ticket by a mermaid riding a unicorn.

#3 - Read what it takes to own a hearse before you get one; you don't want a 4 ton lump of iron on your front lawn if you don't know what to do with it. There are 2 buyers guides worth reading:

Amy The Hearse Queen @ Grim Rides:
Zach @ Denver Hearse Club:

#4 - Now you've decided you still want one, go find one. Just like everything else in life, be aware there are known bad sellers out there.

a - craigslist has more cars for sale than you might think

b - so does ebay

c - in the US, Carl @ CW Coach ( has a bunch for a reasonable price. Book a 1-way ticket and you're almost certain to find something worthwhile to drive home in.

d - hemmings/autotrader/regular car lots may have pro cars, but even if they do they probably won't know exactly what they've got

e - scope out some facebook groups related to hearses and professional cars

Pro Cars and Parts:
Hearses, Ambulances, Flower Cars:
Hearse for Sale:
World of Hearses:

f - visit your local funeral homes in person; funeral directors hoard crap like crazy, and often don't realise anyone wants any of what they have until someone asks. They also don't always react well to being cold-called on the phone, so a personal visit is preferable if you can manage it.

g - check with your local hearse club; if you can't find one on Facebook, or just don't like giving Zuckerberg anything you don't have to, try the NHAA at instead

z - AVOID like the plague. Click here for a history of zrepo & adesa and what you should be aware of. If you are looking anywhere on the internet in the US for a professional car (hearse, limo, flower car, etc), cross-check listings against, and if you see the same coach listed in both places walk away.

#5 - Other information for hearse owners:
Landau bars public service announcment

Also, for your consideration
Cars we've all seen before...

NHAA annual event page

Written in Notepad. Not optimised for anything. Deal with it.